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Epics And Road Trips - Hemlock Valley



We decided to drive out to Hemlock Valley Resort (now, Sasquatch Mountain Resort) and give their mountain bike trails a try.

The drive out was really nice. I had never been out to Hemlock Valley Resort and was pleasantly surprised by how close it is. When we got there I ran ino a colleague who had a cabin at the resort.

We bought lift tickets to ride the handful of trails they had. The trails were really nice and I was actually saddened by how few people were out riding here. If I remember correctly, there were only about half a dozen riders. The resort had set out a large BBQ and bar near the lift. There was enough food to feed a small army. They were trying hard and afterwards, me and Chris could not promote the resort enough.

We had fun and decided to go back the following year, life being what it is, we didn't plan a trip back for a few years and by then too late. The resort had shutdown the mountain biking operation. We were disappointed as the area is close and the manager was talking about expanding and improving the trails.