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Epics And Road Trips - Woodfibre And Henrietta Lake



This was one of favourite rides.

We left early in the morning and hit every Starbucks on our way from East Van to Squamish. We were properly caffeinated by the time we reached the Woodfibre ferry. When we arrived we found out that there was only a skeleton crew at the mill. It was September long weekend and the company picnic was being held this day.

The ferry trip was really nice as I've not seen Howe Sound this up close and personal. When we arrived on the otherside we asked the ferry attendant which road up to Henrietta Lake. Got the information and off we went.

We ran into a family of deer quickly when we started our ride up the access road. The male deer would not move and the rest of the family was just grazing casually. So we waited for a few minutes and the deer decided to move on. That was a really nice encounter.

Didn't take any pictures of the access road itself as the climb up was tough and wanted to see if I could ride it without dabbing. Did it but the road didn't lead directly to the lake. We had to hike our bikes for a couple of hundred metres up to the lake.

When we arrived at the lake there was a small 2 story cabin for overnighters and a short walk from the cabin is a helicopter pad. I was thinking that it would be a nice spot to set up a tent to sleep on. We thought it would be safe as there was no sign of lighting on the pad for a helicopter to land at night. We'd have to come back to test that theory.

Before we went into the cabin we ran into a couple who spent the night in the cabin and were a bit freaked out by something that lived in one of the rooms on the second floor. That room was actually the sleeping quarters and some creature decided to make its home. Well... was curious what it was. The couple and Chris decided to wait outside while I went upstairs to investigate. I went upstairs and when I reached the first room (the cooking area) all I saw was a brownish streak go across the room and under a table. I was startled and yelled out that it found me. I went to look under the table and saw nothing. The couple outside informed me that it appeared to live in the other room. I grab a broom and tentatively open the door. I see a couple of cots and a wood stove, but no thing. I start searching the room and find nothing. The last place to investigate is the wood stove. I open it up and sitting in the back is a what I believe to be a pack rat. I close the door and grab my camera. The picture below is of it. And now the fun begins.

I yell down that I've found it and will get it out. With broom in hand I reopen the wood stove ready to shoo the rat out. It leapt past me and the fight begins. I swinging the broom at the rat and the rat is dodging everything deftly. Stuff is flying around the cabin and according to the audience outside they are seeing dust and few items flying out the windows. They said it sounded and looked like a cartoon fight between Tom & Jerry. I chase it down the stairs and thought it went outside.

I declared victory and maybe too soon. Chris went upstairs and sees it sitting on a table. So this time we both chase it around and out. Nope the rat has decided that the cabin is its. Rat 2 Humans 0.

After this we decided to ride the dam and then borrow the row boat. The lake and scenery was really nice. I was curious what sort of fish I'd be able to catch but had no rod and reel with me.

After a few hours we decided it was time to leave and catch the ferry back to the otherside.

If you ever have a chance to do this ride and the public is still allowed on Woodfibre property, do it. Worth the effort.


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