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Buntzen Lake Recreation Area - Little Bear



CAUTION: The trails are challenging and difficult and your use of them is at your own risk. You will find some sections of trail too difficult to ride. Please walk these sections to prevent injury to yourself. To prevent erosion, DO NOT walk off the trail or cut new sections. DO NOT alter the trails in any way.

Please refer to TRAILFORKS for the most up to date trail info and status.



This was my first time down this trail. Even though the ride up to it was via a paved road, it was tough and made even tougher because the newly installed brake pads were rubbing against the disc. I couldn't reset the caliper. Now to the trail itself. It connects you to the Sugar Mountain trail basically at the end of Triple T. The trail itself is fun to ride; mmooth, chunky, rooty, and a large rocks to roll down in sections. Not overly steep and I would say not steep at all. Definitely going back up to ride Little Bear.


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