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Cypress Mountain - Roach Hit



CAUTION: The trails are challenging and difficult and your use of them is at your own risk. You will find some sections of trail too difficult to ride. Please walk these sections to prevent injury to yourself. To prevent erosion, DO NOT walk off the trail or cut new sections. DO NOT alter the trails in any way.

Please refer to TRAILFORKS for the most up to date trail info and status.

DO NOT RIDE WHEN WET. Please wait at least 24 hours after a rainfall to ride this trail.



Roach Hit starts directly across from the end of Roach Clip. The trail starts with a ride across a flat boulder with a short drop off the end. Next you'll ride along a 2X4 before riding along an exposed rock face. The next stunt is a 2X4 ride up a ramp and down the other side before riding down another rock face. As you ride along you'll come to a steep rock face to ride down and then another with a ladder at the base of it. Next you'll be riding on some really nice singletrack and steep sections. At the base of one of the steep sections is a log to ride across. At the end of the log you'll need to make a quick decision on whether to take the plank down or just drop off. The last section of the trail is fast singletrack with built up turns. When you finish the trail you'll come out at the first switchback on the road up.

The trail has been altered by the chainsaw gnomes. The man made structures are gone but the trail is still there.