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IOCO - Swamp



CAUTION: The trails are challenging and difficult and your use of them is at your own risk. You will find some sections of trail too difficult to ride. Please walk these sections to prevent injury to yourself. To prevent erosion, DO NOT walk off the trail or cut new sections. DO NOT alter the trails in any way.

Please refer to TRAILFORKS for the most up to date trail info and status.



The rock roll mentioned below Ts Swamp trail.

Officially my first real rock roll, sorry Rocky McRockface you will always be remembered. Went out to IOCO early this morning to find some rockfaces to practice on. I first practised in the CPTA area on greenish bluish smallish rock rolls. Lots in that area and some really gnarly stuff but it is in the trials association area, hence the early morning start.

Went and did a bit of exploring west of the CPTA riding area and came across the Swamp trail and spotted this rock. It had two lines mid way up and the one on the right (when facing the rockface) looked like something I could probably do. Scoped it out from different angles and decided, OK just do it. Set up a GoPro at the bottom and then the quick hike up.

Decided to not hesitate when I got to the start of the rockface, as I might not do it. All I really remember was when going over the top of it and then, hey its steeper than I remember. You can see my front wheel nervously twitching.

Only rolled it once. Should have done it more times. that is my usual method now a days to get used to something out of my comfort zone.

Did a bit more exploring and spotted some longer and tougher rock rolls. I think the area has quite a few. Definitely coming back.