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Mount Fromme - King Of The Shore



CAUTION: The trails are challenging and difficult and your use of them is at your own risk. You will find some sections of trail too difficult to ride. Please walk these sections to prevent injury to yourself. To prevent erosion, DO NOT walk off the trail or cut new sections. DO NOT alter the trails in any way.

Please refer to TRAILFORKS for the most up to date trail info and status.



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As you start this trail you basically glide down some sweet singletrack until you reach the ladder bridge. As you come off this first section you'll come unto the first stunt, a ladder bridge log ride combo. This stunt is a confidence builder for the bigger and nastier stunts found on the more technical trails of Fromme Mt. After this is some really fast singletrack with a few turns thrown in for good measure. Next is the final and not so awe inspiring stunt. All you need to do is get your bike onto a log and down the ramp on the other side. The trail is nearly done but you'll have some more fast singletrack to ride before you exit onto The Griffen trail.

This trail has had a few more ladder bridges added to it during the a trail maintenance day. Good work NSMBA!