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Mount Fromme - Rag Doll



CAUTION: The trails are challenging and difficult and your use of them is at your own risk. You will find some sections of trail too difficult to ride. Please walk these sections to prevent injury to yourself. To prevent erosion, DO NOT walk off the trail or cut new sections. DO NOT alter the trails in any way.

Please refer to TRAILFORKS for the most up to date trail info and status.



The Rag Doll is steep! The only level section is at the end of the trail. Putting tight turns on this trail is just pure evil. There are a few quick steep sections that you traverse roots and rocks. The trail is rideable without dabbing but your skill should be up there. There were a couple of drops of nice size and logs to cross. I bailed a few times and finally walked out. I'll ride it one day!



Some updated photos. The trail hasn't changed much. Still steep and nasty in sections.


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