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Mount Seymour - Team Pangor



CAUTION: The trails are challenging and difficult and your use of them is at your own risk. You will find some sections of trail too difficult to ride. Please walk these sections to prevent injury to yourself. To prevent erosion, DO NOT walk off the trail or cut new sections. DO NOT alter the trails in any way.

Please refer to TRAILFORKS for the most up to date trail info and status.



This is one of my favorite trails on Mount Seymour. I've always had fun on this trail. This trail has it all; logs, drops, log riding and steep sections. One of the main features of this trail is a steep descent through a bunch of boulders.



I'm still calling it Team Pangor. Do not care.

The trail has been worked on and upgraded beautifully. Am going to do a blow by blow description of the trail and this could take a bit. Grab a beverage as I tell you a tale of a man named Jeb, a poor mountain biker, who barely kept his bike maintained. But one day while shredding a berm, up around the corner came Team Pangor. That was bad, sorry about that.

Ok let's get started.

The start is nothing special except for a couple of drop/ride-downs before you meet up with the first structures. You've more than likely seen them on vids. A plank ladder bridge with a small ramp combo that leads into the double bermed plank thing-a-ma-bob. Really do not know what the kids are calling it these days. After this is some singletrack leading to the next structure. On the right is the ride around down a couple plank ramps and rock work but the left is the fun bit. Up onto a skinny log. There is an exit to the right down a plank ramp but if you continue on the skinny log you exit down a plank ladder, right next to the last plank ladder of the ride around.

A bit of dirt after this and then down another plank ramp that ends with a bit of rock work. Next onto a bit of rooty section with some more rock work. Next up is a plank ladder drop on the right or my preferred way, the ride around a plank ramp up and over a fallen log. More dirt and then a short skinny ramp down some exposed roots. Right after this is roots on the left or down a short bit of rock work.

After some dirt comes a nice longish skinny with a ride around on the right. The ride around starts with a plank ramp down onto more dirt. The skinny has a criss-cross in the middle. The left is wider and planks and the right is more skinny log. The next structure is are some laid down planks and then down a short skinny plank. Immediately after that is a short lip onto stone work. Next up is some really nice single track, roots, rock, and reggae.

The next structure is a plank skinny and then onto an elevated skinny that ends with a ride down a plank ramp. Quite abit more dirt, roots, stone work, small drops, a small plank bridge before the boulder ride down. A plank bridge leads up to the top and a choice. Straight ahead is the easier choice. Roll over the boulder and onto a plank ramp, really sweet ride down. The other choice is to your left. More skill and balls involved. Roll over the boulder and make sure you are pointed correctly to roll onto the skinny plank. Good luck.

Next up is an area I remember clearly but the plank bridge is a welcomed site after what used to be over the marshy area. Not too skinny and not too wide but just right. Too end the plank bridge though is a skinny and your momentum should get you across it no problem.

A bit of uphill after the marshy area and here you ride up a plank ramp onto a large fallen tree. Actually you can either ride on top of the log or take the exit immediately at the end of the plank ramp. After the log it is more uphill and along a ridge. On the ridge is an oldish structure. A plank ramp onto a log that has a very small a-frame on it.

Along the top of the ridge is some exposed rock. One bit you ride down the exposed rock onto a plank bridge downhill. A bit nervy as you come off it and onto more exposed gnarly rock. This leads into some really nice stone work before a long plank bridge. If you stay on the plank bridge for its entire length, it will get skinnier near the end. You can exit the plank bridge before the skinny on the left.

Just after this is a short ride down a little plank ramp. And that is it for me at least. I consider this the end of Team Pangor. To your right is Pangor: Giant Reboot and straight ahead is the washed out section of Team Pangor. Take the right as it ends at the top of Slash, just like the washed out section.

Now go out and ride this classic of The Shore.


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